I didn’t want to title this post “Under Construction,” but in one sense, this blog is indeed under construction.

I’ve been archiving the class blog posts of last year’s seventh graders, so the categories listed above for fiction, poetry, narrative and expository work will be empty…but only for a short while!  This year’s seventh graders will soon be posting work of their own, and many of those students will want to publish to the class blog.  I’ll leave the custom menu in place for them to fill.

Tomorrow is the last day for last year’s seventh graders to have their individual blogs on my blog roll.  Their blogs are being transferred to their eighth grade teachers, and I’m excited that my students will be continuing to blog upstairs in their new classes.  I promise to continue to visit their blogs, read their work, and leave comments.  What a talented group of writers they have been, and I will miss working with them!

Coming Monday:  A brand new class blog roll of seventh grade readers and writers, ready for a year of blogging together!

“Favorite” Is a Verb? Ask Anyone Who Tweets!




verb:  1.  The act of placing something onto a list of favorite items.
2.  The act of placing a website onto the “favorites” list on a computer.

I love the website so much that I am going to favorite it.

Today we were talking about vivid verbs, and one group of students brainstormed a list of verbs that are relevant to the Facebook/Instagram/YouTube lives of today’s kids. Here they are in an Image Chef word mosaic:

What verbs did we miss?

First Day


And we’re off!

My students and I began a wonderful new year of learning together with a discussion of a few welcome-to-school letters, including this one sent to us by John Green:

John makes some interesting points about the importance of public education, a topic that’s been in the news quite a bit lately. We’re fortunate to have a great school here at West Ridge, and I’m excited about the year ahead as we begin this seventh grade journey together.

What are your thoughts about John Green’s message? Does he say something in particular that resonates with you?