Introductions for the #2014gbc

Students in periods 2 and 3 are entered in the Global Blogging Challenge, and for the Week 1 challenge we’ve been asked to introduce ourselves and share information about where we are from and what we love about our home. This Haiku Deck is one that some visitors from the fall may have seen before, but for those new to our blog, here are some photos we collected to showcase our city:

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And here is a list of what we agree are some of the things we love most about Austin. Click on the links to see more.

What do we enjoy about living here?

Visitors, have you ever stayed in our city?  What did you enjoy about your time here?  If we were to come to your home town, what would be your top recommendation of things to do while we were there?

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I am a seventh grade teacher in Austin, Texas, and a teacher consultant with the Central Texas Writing Project, an affiliate of the National Writing Project. I enjoy writing alongside my students, participating with them in the work we are doing as a community of readers and writers.

2 thoughts on “Introductions for the #2014gbc

  1. We’ve had three or four students who have visited the United States, but none that have ever been to Texas but we went over your guide in class on Friday and loved it. We’ve producing our own Haiku Deck version of our area, inspired by your example and will be posting them next week (when I think your own Spring Break) but will be in touch. Thanks once again.
    Mr Webb and Room One, Auroa Primary School, New Zealand

    • One of our students, Wally, has been to New Zealand. He knew what cricket is, and he knew what a “dell” is.

      We are glad you enjoyed the Haiku Deck and look forward to seeing yours about Auroa! We want to let you know that we have updated the link to the Zilker Kite Festival in this post. This year’s kite fest was cancelled due to rain, so we linked the official facebook page that shows great pictures from previous years’ kite festivals. Zilker Park is a big park that is near downtown Austin by the Colorado River.

      If you would like to learn more about our school, you can visit our “About Us” page in the main menu. If you scroll to the bottom of the S’more there, you will see a favorite music video that features scenery from around Texas.

      We will add photos of Period 2 and 3 (the classes that have been commenting on your blogs) when we return from Spring Break :- )

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