Lair of Despair

Insanity Lake
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Romain Donato via Compfight

No light. No happiness. No sounds. Only the crickets living in the blood filled cracks, rubbing there little sound-makers together. There are no sights of fun filled happiness throughout the room of dark despair, just loneliness.

The blood-painted ceiling rules the lair, with the damp air filling it. Torches fill all four corners, but fog only inches off the water line makes it almost impossible to even see the light of that torch. So much fog that you can’t even see the floor that you’re walking on.

There’s just one, only one creepy part, a creature, appearing from the pitch black tunnels of death, walking slowly towards the organ, the organ hidden in a dark, lonely place. It was laying there, just as dark as the phantoms soul. The person walks up to the organ, sits down on the old, screechy chair, and starts to play.

2 thoughts on “Lair of Despair

  1. I love the way you left the creature an unknown thing, yet I still feel that I know who he is.
    I also love the way you described the lair. How it is so foggy an mysterious but not necessarily scary.

  2. I love the way that you repeated No over and over again! It makes the writing seem sad and dark. You also use description you elaborate! I love that!

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