The Black Hammer (The Phantom)

Morning Fog Emerging From Trees
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The Phantom’s Lair, an abyss of a home. Like being hit with the darkness of a black hammer.The lair is lined with darkness in every crack and cranny. This is not a place you would want to be in, or even know about in the first place.

Christine, Christine, come with me, you have nothing to be scared of. I will protect you from any fears you may have. You don’t think I’m gonna hurt you, do you? Why would I hurt you? You don’t have to be scared of the dark walls and the demented things I have of you. For it is only out of love that I have these retched things.  Stay with me and I will love you for an eternity.

Don’t mind the fact that I brought you down here against your will. Only think of us together, me happy and you dealing with the knowledge that you will never live for real ever again.

4 thoughts on “The Black Hammer (The Phantom)

  1. I like how you say “Like being hit with the darkness of a black hammer.” It puts some imagery into the writing and makes it really seem like I am getting hit by the darkness. I also like how you use the word “demented”. I think that word describes The Phantom perfectly.

    Good post Jack.

  2. I liked the way that you talked about the lair being lined with darkness instead of saying that it was filled with darkness because it gives it more of a creepy feeling than an evil feeling. I also liked the way that you said “The Phantom’s Lair, an abyss of a home. Like being hit by the darkness of the black hammer”, it gives it a bit of imagery about the darkness. This was a good post.

  3. I like how you said that the darkness was in every nook and cranny. It really brings out that the whole lair was filled with darkness, even the smallest spaces. Good work.

  4. I like your vocabulary! Instead of the lair being filled with darkness like everyone else says you said it is lined with darkness witch makes you think more about it! Also the word abyss really adds intensity! I love the way that you write!

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