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While browsing the New York Times online, I discovered a wealth of writing prompts for young people.  The special section is called Teaching and Learning with the New York Times, and it features questions about issues in the news for students thirteen and older.  Not only are these questions great prompts for your blog posts, but your blog posts are also welcome to be submitted to the NYTimes to be published there as answers to the questions!  The newspaper asks that you omit your last name when replying, just as we do here.

When you click on the link above, you will find a daily student opinion prompt, but check out the sidebar as well.  There are many interesting links that will also give you ideas for your writing: 

  • photo prompts
  • poetry pairings
  • teens in the news
  • “On This Day in History”
  • student contests
  • “Test Your Knowledge” quizzes

  More thought-provoking prompts for writing can be found in the New York Times Learning Blog student opinion archive HERE and HERE.




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