Recommended Apps


 For the Edublogs Student Challenge Week Three, we adapted the sixth activity to write about our favorite apps.   You’ll find some great ideas here for your iPhone or iPad, whether you are looking for entertainment, productivity, or education.

Dillon’s Amazing Apps

When I turn on my iPad, I have a bajillion things I could do, and all of these things come from apps. There are apps for texting, gaming, school, typing, recording, movie-making, emoji 😜, and more! Apps make life easier, entertaining, and better. I love all of my apps, but here are just a few that I use on a daily basis…

Evan’s “Apps That Make Up My World”

We’re going to talk about apps, but not just any apps, we’re going to talk about the apps that I use on a daily basis.

Olivia’s Favorite Apps

These are a few of my most favorite apps! They are not in any kind of order, just listed how I saw them on my phone. If you also use – or try – any of these apps please let me know in the comments, and also tell me how you use them!

Soham’s Favorite Apps

In the modern world, apps (applications) are very important. Apps are self-contained software that can complete certain tasks. Safari on iPad allows you to search the internet. Flappy Bird on iPhone allows you to play an addicting flapping game. The AP Mobile app allows you to stay in touch with the latest AP news. All these apps can modify your phone or tablet to make it what you want.

Steven’s Most-Used Apps

We all have apps we can’t live without. It doesn’t matter whether they’re on your smartphone or your desktop, they are there and you use them every day. I have a few of those. Music, Calculator, Skype, etc., and if I am on my phone, there are 5 apps that I am almost guaranteed to be using.

Some of Ben’s Favorite Apps

What if there were no apps, or even no electronics? I’m no genius, but I’m pretty sure our world will crumble as we know it. Well, at least all teenagers…. Ever since electronics have been invented, they’ve been the most needed item on planet earth. Now, there are some of my favorite apps in the App Store.

Isaac’s Top 5 Gaming Apps

The App Store is full of kinds of weird and original games. You have the free to play games and tilt games and tower defense games and all sorts of other genres. Here my top 5 favorites.

What is your favorite or most useful app on your phone or iPad?


Around Austin


The State Capitol of Texas at Dusk
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Trey Ratcliff via Compfight

In this Edublogs student challenge for Week 3, one of the activities was to tell a visitor to our area about a must-see place or attraction.  Enjoy the following compositions from students in Periods 4, 6, and 7 about the highlights of Austin, Texas!

Gabriel recommends the Alamo Drafthouse for movie night.

Izzy  loves visiting South Austin’s SoCo for shopping and fun.

Hannah describes the enjoyment of a day spent downtown.

Izadora captures the fun of ACL Music Festival.

Ryan B. explains his love of Lake Austin.

George reminds us that no trip to the capital is complete without a trip to the capitol.

Tarun chooses Torchy’s Tacos for food and sports.

Dahlia enjoys dining at Tony C’s for the best in Italian food.

Dylan reviews Tres Amigos, a Westlake favorite for Mexican food.

Alena says Rudy’s serves the best barbecue, but Emma loves the Salt Lick.

Saira has an alternative recommendation for those with vegan tastes.

Olympia shares the best place for a game of laser tag after dinner!

Visitors, where are you from?  Leave us a recommendation about where we should eat, shop, or play if we ever tour your town!


Challenge Posts: Favorite Places in Austin


Students in Periods 2 and 3 have responded to the blog challenge of posting about a favorite place.  The following writers not only have great ideas to share, but they do so in blog posts that are well-organized, with introductions, body paragraphs, and conclusions.  Well done!

Karsten insists he’s found the best burger joint in Austin, but Nina disagrees.  Not in the mood for a hamburger?  Nick recommends a great Italian place.

Where do you like to shop in Austin?  Bryce has a favorite sports store.

Summers in Austin are hot!  Where to go to beat the heat?  Clara recommends Barton Springs, famous for its natural beauty and cold, cold water.

And then are the places we just love because they are our personal havens:  Jered and Madiha write about their own backyards, Eric about time spent in virtual reality, Lauren about her favorite golf course.


Barton Springs Pool. Digital image. City of Austin, n.d. Web. 23 Mar. 2014.

Weekly Posts


New posts are up for the week, and I’ve enjoyed reading what students have to say!  A variety of topics are covered in a variety of formats and styles.  Here are just some of the highlights:

  • Grayson expresses the best part of fall season.
  • Human rights is the topic of Sofi’s most recent post.
  • Have an opinion about gaming platforms?  Advice to share about computers?  Brian’s blog is the blog for you!  There’s also a great ongoing fiction story for your reading pleasure.
  • Francesca writes about an interesting incident in Europe.
  • What are you afraid of?  Olympia shares her fear and asks us about ours.
  • Soham has turned a Writer’s Notebook entry into a poem.
  • A swim meet is described by Jane.
  • Ethan, Izadora, and Andrea all shared their thoughts about The Giver.

Great job, bloggers. Visitors, we all welcome your comments!  Student blogs are listed in the blogroll in the sidebar on the right.